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    Healing for You, Healing for the Planet

    At Sierra Mountain Therapy, our mission goes beyond providing compassionate mental health care. We’re a purpose-driven practice, deeply committed to fostering well-being for our clients and the planet. This is a female-owned business, and we bring a unique perspective and understanding to the therapeutic experience.

    We believe that mental health and environmental health are interconnected. That’s why we’re proud to be a carbon-neutral company. We operate as a paperless practice and take steps to offset our carbon footprint, supporting initiatives that help heal the environment just as we help our clients heal themselves.

    Our Values

    • Compassionate Care: We provide a safe, supportive space for individuals facing challenges with anxiety, OCD, and relationship issues.

    • Evidence-Based Treatment: We utilize proven therapeutic approaches like psychodynamic therapy with Jungian influence to empower our clients to create lasting change.

    • Environmental Responsibility: We take concrete actions to minimize our environmental impact, recognizing the importance of a healthy planet for a healthy mind.

    • Inclusivity: We welcome clients from all backgrounds, creating a space where everyone feels seen and heard.

    “Most big transformations come about from the hundreds of tiny, almost imperceptible, steps we take along the way.” – Lori Gottlieb